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Many of my blogs are highlighting the problems with society, government, policing the list is endless. The negative impacts on the Horse and the impact on the communities where they are kept in urban surroundings.

The People in these communities are affected by the issues and stigma attached to where they live, but after scheduling meetings within these communities it is apparent that they do not oppose the horses being there. They do not begrudge the youths having horses, WHY? Because they can see that in today’s society there are lot worse things they could be doing. With illegal substances in abundance, vandalism and boredom, the horse gives them focus. Responsibility, time out from family problems, freedom. Raw talent trying to hatch out of the bad egg community. With all the stigma , media and persecution they continue. Amidst all this pushing them away from their desires.

I have hosted…

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Creating the Environment

What environment would you help create for change? #horsewelfare #blackandwhiteorskewbald #endflygrazing


The previous blog details how I gave my trust to a stranger, which worked out for the little colt. But during that visit I upset some urban horse owners. As whilst I spent so long with this colt trying to secure his future, I could not help but question the way in which they kept their horses.
One family in particular. I had encountered this family previously and many times after. Each time they would defend themselves and their horses without prompt. Advising me that they had not had the horse long, if it was poor, or “poor as a crow” which was the local terminology. They would search the ground for the empty wormer syringe to show me that they had wormed the horse. Advise me that items of tethering equipment had been stolen and that why there were no swivel hooks on the chains or that the horse…

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